Holly Birns



Holly is a proudly queer Feminist artist and author-person. When she’s not herding scientists, she’s busy writing steampunk novels and convincing her plants to GROW BETTER. You might also find her taking blacksmithing classes or sewing a ballgown covered in googley eyes. 

With a background in business, Holly plans to someday open a Feminist bookstore complete with in-house publishing options. Until then, she’ll work on designing custom book delivery vehicles – in between placing orders for Signal Kinetics, of course. 

Research Interests

How to nail jello to a tree.

The correct size an explosion needs to be to reverse a cyclone.

How long does it take to properly break down 80 pounds of aged Parmesan?
(We solved this one. 3 hours and 10 people.)

Ph.D. 2017

School of Hard Knocks

Scariest Driver / Killer of Flowerpots (2009)

Contact Us

75 Amherst St, E14-474
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307