Weitung Chen

Research Assistant


  Weitung Chen is an EECS M.Eng student at the Signal Kinetics Group, working on RFID localization research. He received his bachelor’s degree at MIT, and his research interests focus on localization systems, AI, and robotics. During his undergrad years, he worked on research about autonomous excavators at MIT d’Arbeloff Lab.

Weitung loves doing hands-on work that can bring his ideas to solve real-world challenges. He spent most of his extracurricular time engaging in various projects, developing novel solutions, and deploying them to the field. This led him to found Nexuni, Co., a startup dedicated to developing automation solutions for F&B and facilities management.

Research Interests:           RFID Localization, Robotics, Machine Learning

Robotics & RFID

B.S. 2021 MIT

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science