We invent, build, and deploy wireless sensor technologies to address complex problems in society, industry, and ecology.

Our Current Research Focuses on Three Areas

Ocean IoT

Including batteryless subsea IoT, underwater-to-air communications, and localization/robotic navigation, our technologies enable new applications in climate and ecological monitoring, aquaculture, energy, and robotic navigation.

Wireless Health

Including wireless micro-implants and wireless/contactless physiological sensing, our innovations pave the way for long-term monitoring cardiovascular and gastrointestinal monitoring, as well as novel drug delivery.

Robotics & RFID

Including micro-location for robotics and supply chain applications, our research focuses on enabling robotics to perform novel tasks that have not been feasible before and optimize supply chain micro-logistics.


FuseBot, a system developed by @fadeladib and researchers in the Signal Kinetics research group, combines visual search with RFID tags to help a robotic arm find items buried in a pile—even if the target item isn't tagged. https://news.mit.edu/2022/robot-pick-place-hidden-objects-0629

A new robotic system uses radio frequency signals, computer vision, and complex reasoning to efficiently find items hidden under a pile. Its algorithms locate more hidden items than other sophisticated robotic systems, and in half the time. http://mitsha.re/lPIN50JKzGZ

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