Our Current Research Focuses on Three Areas

Ocean IoT

Including batteryless subsea IoT, underwater-to-air communications, and localization/robotic navigation, our technologies enable new applications in climate and ecological monitoring, aquaculture, energy, and robotic navigation.

Wireless Health

Including wireless micro-implants and wireless/contactless physiological sensing, our innovations pave the way for long-term monitoring cardiovascular and gastrointestinal monitoring, as well as novel drug delivery.

Robotics & RFID

Including micro-location for robotics and supply chain applications, our research focuses on enabling robotics to perform novel tasks that have not been feasible before and optimize supply chain micro-logistics.

Student Spotlight

Osvy Rodriguez, a UROP in the Signal Kinetics group, recounts his journey to MIT and how he began working with Signal Kinetics group head Fadel Adib on underwater-to-air communication technology that paves the way for wireless IoT sensors. Osvy recently won the 2021 Outstanding UROP Award.


This semester, the MIT IoT Seminar Series will focus on Ocean IoT - and its role in underwater exploration, climate change monitoring, marine robotics, & bioacoustics. Our first seminar is this Monday. It will be on Zoom & open to the public. More info: https://iot.mit.edu/

This fall's MIT IoT Seminar Series will focus on Ocean IoT research and the role of emerging technologies in scientific exploration, #climatechange monitoring, #bioacoustics, #marinerobotics, and #weather prediction. The first seminar kicks off 10/18: https://iot.mit.edu/

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