We invent, build, and deploy wireless sensor technologies to address complex problems in society, industry, and ecology.

Our Current Research Focuses on Three Areas

Ocean IoT

Including batteryless subsea IoT, underwater-to-air communications, and localization/robotic navigation, our technologies enable new applications in climate and ecological monitoring, aquaculture, energy, and robotic navigation.

Wireless Health

Including wireless micro-implants and wireless/contactless physiological sensing, our innovations pave the way for long-term monitoring cardiovascular and gastrointestinal monitoring, as well as novel drug delivery.

Robotics & RFID

Including micro-location for robotics and supply chain applications, our research focuses on enabling robotics to perform novel tasks that have not been feasible before and optimize supply chain micro-logistics.


2020-2022 Doherty Chair of Ocean Utilization @fadeladib and his students @MIT_SK_Lab seek to develop wireless technology to sense the world in novel ways, including battery-free cameras to explore uncharted ocean and track climate change impacts: https://news.mit.edu/2023/fadel-adib-sensing-purpose-0124

Fadel Adib uses wireless technologies to sense the world in new ways, aiming at problems such as food insecurity, climate change, and access to health care. “With each project, we discover something new, and that opens up a whole new world,” he says. http://mitsha.re/5qfc50MyXGu

Super excited about founding Cartesian, a startup that's creating a metaverse from billions of IoT devices - building on 6yrs of research from my lab at MIT @medialab! We’re looking for ambitious software engineers (full-stack/mobile) to join our journey: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3377261001/?refId=j82Aeb6Qw4FNpYVASZmi1A

Congratulations to @fadeladib for winning the LebNet Bireme Award 2022 for Lebanese Technologist of the Year. Join us in congratulating him and wishing him continued success in his career! https://lebnet.us/events-recap-media/13019407

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