The Signal Kinetics group focuses on inventing, building, and deploying wireless sensor technologies to address complex problems in society, industry, and ecology.  Our work has received many awards and honors including best paper awards (SIGCOMM, MobiCom, CHI) and popular media highlights (BBC, CNN, Economist, TechCrunch, The Big Bang Theory). We regularly interact with more than 100 sponsor companies and have had the honor to demo our research to the President of the United States, the US Director of National Intelligence, the Chairman of the FCC, and 50+ state senators and legislators. Our current research focuses on three areas.

Ocean Internet-of-Things

Including batteryless subsea IoT, underwater-to-air communications, and localization/robotic navigation, our technologies enable new applications in climate and ecological monitoring, aquaculture, energy, and robotic navigation.

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Digital Health

Including wireless micro-implants and wireless/contactless physiological sensing, our innovations pave the way for long-term monitoring solutions for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal applications, as well as novel drug-delivery solutions.

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RFIDs and Robotics

Including micro-location for robotics and supply chain applications, our research focuses on enabling robotics to perform novel tasks that were not feasible before and optimize supply chain micro-logistics.

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