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Batteryless, Wireless, and Secure SoC for Implantable Strain Sensing

IEEE Open Journal of the Solid-State Circuits Society, 2022

Mohamed R. Abdelhamid, Unsoo Ha, Ustav Banerjee, Fadel Adib, Anantha Chandrakasan

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Wireless, Batteryless, and Secure Implantable System-on-a-Chip for 1.37mmHg Strain Sensing with Bandwidth Reconfigurability for Cross-Tissue Adaptation

 IEEE CICC’22, April 2022

Mohamed R. Abdelhamid, Unsoo Ha, Ustav Banerjee, Fadel Adib, Anantha Chandrakasan 

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WiStress: Contactless Stress Monitoring using Wireless Signals

A Scalable Solution for Signaling Face Touches to Reduce the Spread of Surface-based Pathogens

Camilo Rojas, Niels Poulsen, Mileva Van Tuyl, Daniel Vargas, Zipporah Cohen, Joseph A. Paradiso, Pattie Maes, Kevin M Esvelt, Fadel Adib

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Self-Reconfigurable Micro-Implants for Cross-Tissue Wireless and Batteryless Connectivity

ACM MobiCom ’20
Mohamed R. Abdelhamid, Ruicong Chen, Joonhyuk Cho, Anantha P. Chandrakasan, Fadel Adib

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Contactless Seismocardiography via Deep Learning Radars

ACM MobiCom ’20
Ha, Unsoo, Salah Assana, and Fadel Adib

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Enabling Deep-Tissue Networking for Miniature Medical Devices

Wireless Systems that Extend Our Senses

Ph.D. Dissertation, EECS MIT, October 2016
Fadel Adib

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Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals

ACM MobiCom ’16
Mingmin Zhao, Fadel Adib, Dina Katabi

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Capturing the Human Figure Through a Wall

Fadel Adib, Chen-Yu Hsu, Hongzi Mao, Dina Katabi, Fredo Durand

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Multi-Person Localization via RF Body Reflections

Usenix NSDI’15
Fadel Adib, Zach Kabelac, Dina Katabi

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Smart Homes that Monitor Breathing and Heart Rate

CHI ’15
Fadel Adib, Hongzi Mao, Zachary Kabelac, Dina Katabi, Robert C. Miller

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3D Tracking via Body Radio Reflections

Usenix NSDI’14
Fadel Adib, Zachary Kabelac Dina Katabi Robert C. Miller

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See Through Walls with WiFi!

Fadel Adib and Dina Katabi

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